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Grey Hub Wheel Company

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Grey Hub has been a leader in manufacturing quality, reliable, long-lasting wheels since 1922.
Grey Hub produces a line of standard wheel sizes and styles for use on standard industry equipment.
Grey Hub also specializes in machining custom industrial wheels in a variety of tread profiles and sizes.

Our commitment is to Quality!
Every wheel Grey Hub manufactures is assembled by hand and physically inspected and tested before it leaves our facility.


Standard Series: 250lb to 5000lb load capacity Standard Crown Tread C Standard Crown Tread B Standard Crown Tread A
Geared/Idler Wheels Up to 5000lb load capacity Standard Geared Wheel 3R Standard Idler 2R
Custom Wheels In a variety of sizes and profiles
From 2" to 10" Diameters
Custom Plain CDM Follower R Custom Double Flange Thin R Custom ThruBore A R Standard Plain Backside R
Warranty Orders are covered by a limited warranty

Standard and Custom Wheels are for use in
New Installation or Replacement of Industrial Equipment such as:
Cranes · Monorails · Hoists · Trolleys · End Trucks · Overhead and Floor-Type Conveyors · Elevating Trucks · Machinery · Machinery Movers · Foundries · Agricultural Equipment · Spray Booths · Molding Machines · Hoppers · Plating · Pickling · Rolling Doors · Storage Systems
and many, many more applications

Common industry terms used to describe Grey Hub Wheels:
Trolley Wheels · Conveyor Wheels · Crane Wheels · Industrial Wheels · Steel Wheels · Cast Iron Wheels · Flanged Wheels · Flanged Bearings · Roller Bearings · Guide Rollers · Steel Rollers · Conveyor Rollers · Push Type Trolleys · Crane Accessories · Light-Duty Wheels · Heavy-Duty Wheels · Rail Wheels · Pulley Wheels · Rail Wheels · I Beam Wheels · Patented Track Wheels · Sheave Wheels · Heavy Duty Rollers · Replacement Wheels · Custom Wheels · Flanged Track Wheels · Channel I Beam Wheel · Crane Trolley Wheels · Flanged Steel Wheels · I Beam Trolleys · Overhead Trolley Wheels