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The Anatomy of a Grey Hub Wheel

Standard Flat Tread C

All Grey Hub Standard Series wheels are machined from close grain, porous-free molded castings. They are hardened and heat-treated through-out (not case-hardened) in an atmospheric furnace, oil quenched to eliminate distortion under high heat temperatures, producing uniform hardness for long, trouble-free service, under heat and other severe conditions.

"S" Series - Light Duty

250lb to 1000lb Capacity - 3-1/4" DIAMETER AND UNDER

Grey Hub manufactures its own bearing in wheels 3-1/4" and under. This bearing is made from a full complement of 3/8" diameter single row ball bearings, running on hardened and polished raceways which allow free turning of wheel. They are completely sealed with our own original method of sealing plus a DU "O" ring and a specially designed dust shield. Inner and outer raceways and axles are machined from steel, inserted under close tolerance, press fit and locked with an internal retaining ring. Axles are serrated to eliminate turning in raceway and drilled for lubricator fitting. Grease fittings are provided in all wheel assemblies and our method of sealing assures keeping the lubricant in and foreign matter out. A reservoir is provided to hold a minimum amount of lubricant and do not require constant attention.

"D" Series - Heavy Duty

Up to 5000lb capacity - 4" DIAMETER AND OVER

Each Grey Hub "D" series wheels are manufactured with axles machined from steel and press-fit with two, radial row ball bearings for a maximum radial load capacity of 5000 lbs .They are locked in with an internal retaining ring and sealed with a specially designed dust shield.

Flange Information

Profile Information

Flangeless (Plain) - Flangeless wheels are used where high carrier travel speeds or high service factors exist. They minimize wheel and beam wear and eliminate friction caused by wheel flanges.

Standard Flat Tread Crown Tread - Designed for use on I-Beam, S-Beam or Channel. We machine our Crown Tread wheels with a custom radius for better wear than standard industry tapers.

Standard Crown Tread A
Flanged - Single flanged wheels are used in lighter duty, low carrier speed, material handling equipment and have some use on intermittent duty systems. The flange prevents the wheel from running inside the beam and is NOT recommended for heavy thrust loads.

Standard Flat Tread Flat Tread - For use on Wide Flanged Beam, Angle Iron or Patented Track

Standard Crown Tread A
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