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Custom Removeable Axle Wheel R

Custom Wheels

2"-10" Diameter

Grey Hub specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom wheel assemblies per your specifications. We can alter or modify our standard wheels or machine complete specials from raw stock up to 10" diameter, and, in a variety of tread profiles. Custom axles can be machined for special applications or designed for use with different types of bearings.

Cast Iron · Steel · Stainless Steel · Bronze

We can machine wheels for ferrous and non-ferrous applications. Ferrous materials such as cast iron and steel can be heat treated or flame hardened as needed. In non-ferrous applications such as wash-downs, we can machine a complete wheel assembly including the axle from stainless steel. Bronze can be used in explosive areas where spark-resistance is required.

Not sure what you need? Call us, or send your specifications, or a sketch, or fill out one of our convenient PDFs and either email or fax it. Our trained staff can help you with any special application you may need.


Flangeless-PlainFlat, Taper or Crown Tread
PDF Flat Tread     PDF Crown Tread
Custom Plain CDM Follower R Custom Plain W Long Axle R2
Single-FlangedFlat, Taper or Crown Tread
PDF Flat Tread     PDF Crown Tread
Custom Single Flange FT R Custom Single Flanged R
Double-FlangedFor Channel, Angle Iron and ASCE Rail
Custom Double Flange Thin R2 Custom Double Flange Wide A R
Thru-BoreWith Sleeve and Without
PDF Flanged     PDF Flangless
Custom Thru-Bore C R Custom Thru-Bore D R
Custom Geared WheelsCan be machined as one or two pieces with idlers to match Custom Geared Back View R Custom Idler Back View R
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